No Body Dies Alone in Jakarta Anymore (Lestari Memorial Park, Al Azhar Memorial Garden)

When someone dies, his or her loved ones receive a death certificate to take to their community or neighborhood chiefs, who then gives them a referral letter for the one-stop center determining their payment status based on family income. If the deceased is unidentified or has no next of kin, he or she is buried in Tegal Alur Cemetery. For families of the deceased categorized as poor, burial plots are free.

If the family is considered able to pay, the rental fee for a burial plot depends on their level of income. The one-stop center then provides a letter to Bank DKI, which calculates the rental cost and provides three receipts, one each for the family, the cemetery and the one-stop center. Once proof of payment has been established, the deceased can be buried.

What the government does not do, the community ‘€” religious organizations, foundations, freelance counselors, neighbors, etc. ‘€” can.

The Pesantren Islam Al-Azhar Foundation, through its funeral process unit founded in 1992, assists with transportation, cleansing and shrouding of the deceased for fees between Rp 1.5 million and Rp 3 million for non-members. For members, who pay a monthly fee of
Rp 5,000 each, all services are free.

Religious organizations also offer services ‘€” counseling, prayer recital, cleansing and cosmetic procedures, coffin procurement, hearses, grave-keeping and administrative assistance.

The business sector also provides funeral-related goods and services for anyone requiring them at costs ranging from affordable on a small budget to extremely expensive.

The Cilincing Crematorium provides coffins and cremations for as little as Rp 3.3 million, or less if the bereaved can provide proof of poverty.

For those with deeper pockets, Heaven Funeral Home and Crematorium in Gedong Panjang provides coffins, funeral service space, cremation and administrative service for total fees ranging from around Rp 40 million to Rp 103 million.

The Cikini Funeral Home provides preburial and precremation services, covering cleansing, embalming, make-up, coffins and funeral service space. Total fees can reach Rp 43 million.

Richer families can also take a luxurious route to laying their loved ones to rest.

Lestari Memorial Park in Karawang, West Java, offers burial plots ranging from Rp 58 million to Rp 10 billion, as well as cremation services ranging from cremation alone at Rp 5.5 million, to cremation and the scattering of ashes at Rp 8 million.

This cemetery complex also provides a columbarium for the storage of crematory urns or boxes.

San Diego Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Homes, meanwhile, offers burial plots ranging from Rp 26.7 million to Rp 10.1 billion. This 500-hectare funeral and burial complex in Karawang also provides chapels, Islamic prayer rooms, other funeral service spaces and a multipurpose building.

With such a range of facilities and services, it is no longer necessary to fear the age-old adage: ‘€œDon’€™t die in Jakarta.


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